2012 HVACR and Plumbing Instructor Workshop

Instructor Workshop Presentations
Wednesday, March 12th - 14th, 2012

Thanks to all attendees for making this a GREAT workshop.  The presentations are available to all CARE Members. 

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Presenters Session Title plus Extras (In Alphabetical order) CARE MEMBER
  410A Service & Repair for POE & Related System
Emily Saving Best Practices for Teaching Generation Y Students  
  Building Info Modeling — Prefabrication HVACR Models  
  Commercial HVAC & Health  
Carter Stanfield Delivering Hybrid Instruction by Blending Traditional Instruction with Online Resources
Colleen Wessel Department of Energy: Commercial Building Equipment Technician Training Program Development  
  Drawing in PowerPoint & Word  
  ECM Technologies: Build Your Class  
Jeff Rozga Economizing Boiler Temperature Controls
  Emerging Courses & Programs in Commercial Energy Management  
  Energy Codes & Green Building: Effectively Preparing Students for the Field  
  Fan Energy Efficiency in HVAC Systems  
  Full-Body Basic Electricity  
  How the Industry Promotes & Supports Technical Education  
  Oil Heat Combustion (Tuning in the Burner for Optimum Combustion)  
  Real World Energy Savings Through Proactive Defrost and VFD Fan Control  
  Residential HVAC & Health  
  Residential Ventilation: Is Heat Recovery the Answer?  
  Residential Zoning & ACCA Manual ZR  
Terry Proffer Residential Level GSHP Training – Design, Installation and Validation: Raising the Bar for Training Assets  
  Commercial GSHP System Training  
Richard Wirtz How to Use Various Methodologies to Calculate Airflow
  HVAC Mechanical/Electrical Software Training Programs  
  HVAC System Acoustics & Sound Control  
  Incorporating Soft Skills with SkillsUSA  
  Innovation in Training and Testing — Computer Simulation in Action  
  Integrating Radiant Heating & Cooling Into a Building  
  Integration of Work Ethics into the Grading Process  
  Introduction to the Instructor Development Academy  
  Killer Presentations & First Class PowerPoint  
  Making Relays & Contactors Easy  
David Skaves Strategies for Connecting with Today’s Student in the Age of Electronics  
  Teaching Troubleshooting of Basic HVAC Wiring Controls  
J Bartell/T Robertson Technical Opportunities in Wholesale Distribution
  Technology of Clean Air — Understanding How and Where to Correctly Apply Air Filters  
  The Critical Value and Function of Wholesale Distribution in the HVACR Industry  
Steve Brown Using Hands-On Simulators for Technical Training & Learning
  Ventilation Requirements & Dehumidification  
Gary Schroeder VRF & Inverter Techonology  
  Water Heaters — Past, Present & Future  
  What is a Variable Frequency Drive?  
  What Refrigeration Technicians Need to Know About Hydrocarbons  


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